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Dramatically increase productivity with next to no machine down-time

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Simplify & mistake-proof your Sodick die-sinking process

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Let your software do all the work

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Utilise the power of Zero-Point-Transfer & slash your machine set-up times

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Merge Tech

Combine the power & simplicity of the MergeTech software with the world class
Sodick Die-Sink Machines and totally transform your EDM manufacturing process.

The NEW and innovative Sodick die-sinking EDM production software has years of knowledge and experience built directly into the core of the MergeTech software, adding value to your business and reducing your EDM production costs. Working directly alongside the Sodick die-sinking machines as a production tool, the MergeTech software will standardise and simplify the Sodick EDM manufacturing process, utilizing offline programming and Zero-Point-Transfer capabilities, bringing together the Sodick LN-Pro software, your Electrode design software (CAD) & CMM technologies


Mistake-proof & dramatically reduce human error

utilise zero point transfer of both electrodes & Parts

Effortlessly combine multiple electrode CNC programs

Assign Part Datum's & electrode machine pocket positions

Automatically adjust the SODICK tank height

Removing the need for machine manual data inputting.

STANDARDIZE your EDM production process & WORKFLOW

Work Offline

When working with the MergeTech software, EDM engineers are working offline. This allows the SODICK die-sink machine to carry on doing what it does best – running production with next to no machine down time.

As all the required Sodick EDM import data is created offline using your existing software’s, utilising LN-Professional, CAD and CMM technologies, there’s no need to learn new skills. You just simply import all the EDM data and zero-point-transfer data generated offline directly into the MergeTech software, combining all the data to create one NC programme that can be simply sent to the Sodick machine and executed.

The Sodick NC programming process is dramatically simplified and mistake-proofed by releasing the full capabilities of your CAD software. The CAD software’s poste processor exports an EPX file that contains all the spark erosion machining and positional data. This is then imported directly into LN-Professional to create the Sodic NC program offline, so manual data imputing becomes unnecessary, reducing any opportunities for human error.

Zero-Point-transfer capabilities are achieved by accurately measuring all the electrode and part X, Y, Z & U offset positions by means of a CMM. This data is then directly imported into the MergeTech software, automatically setting the electrode offsets and parts datum’s on the Sodick machine at the point when the program is executed, effectively automating all electrode & part setting.

The conventional labour intensive way of manually imputing all the Sodick spark erosion data into the machines control panel becomes a thing of the past when using the MergeTech software. The EPX file that is generated from your CAD software’s poste processor is directly imported into the MergeTech software, automating the data imputing process and again reducing any opportunities for human error.

Historically most of the EDM production tasks had to be done on the machine, consequently stopping the machine and incurring lost production. When using the MergeTech software, all the different EDM operations are done away from the Sodick machine. This allows the machine to continue running and gives the opportunity to split and assign all the different EDM production tasks to multiple people, significantly speeding up the EDM manufacturing process.

Whether you are running one off components, or a multitude of different complex components, or repeat production work, the MergeTech software provides the Sodick EDM engineer with a production tool to do their job easier, faster and more cost effective.

Let MergeTech do all the work

The MergeTech software gives total control over your Sodick die-sink EDM spark erosion process, utilising ‘zero point transfer’ for both electrodes and parts, combining multiple electrode CNC programs, assigning part datum’s and electrode machine pocket positions, automatically adjust the Sodick tank height and even standardise EDM production processes and work flow.

Simply combine all the data previously created offline to generate one large combine Sodick NC program.

  1. Simply select all required Sodick NC programs and associated EDM positional data (EPX).
  2. Link all related zero-point-transfer data to all electrodes & parts.
  3. Finally select the required EDM machining process, assign part datum’s and electrode pocket positions, specifying the automatic adjusting of the tank height as required.
Use the power of MergeTech & Zero-Point-Transfer

The program is now complete and can be sent directly to the machine. Due to the utilisation of Zero-Point-transfer, there is no need to set part datum’s, or set electrode offsets – YOU JUST PUT THEM ON THE MACHINE following a simple but detailed setting sheet for transfer positions and then you are ready to run the program.



to dramatically reduce costs and totally transform your Sodick EDM manufacturing process ...

HellermannTyton recently implemented MergeTech software. Here is what they said...

“Just finished this complex single impression injection mould tool. All the EDM work was programmed off-line. CMM, EPX & NC data brought together and simplified using MergeTech software. Make the most of the technology available to you!!”
“Nothing pleases me more knowing we at HellermannTyton are forming partnerships with experts within the Plastics Industry to give our customers the confidence to know they are receiving excellently manufactured quality tooling on time.”
Kevin Young
Senior Engineering Manager

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